3D Vizualisation


In some small way every project we undertake gives us the chance to evaluate what has gone before, clarify if what we are doing is good enough or confirm if our approach is correct. Every asset we have created worked for the situation it was produced for but there is no guarantee it will work …

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Account Manager

3D CGI is a fairly new industry and is continually being adopted by new and old businesses alike and as a result many marketing and sales personnel including business owners have to contend with unfamiliar terminology and new working practices in order to get the marketing images they need. Through many conversations we have had …

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An in-house team

Red and Gray have been in business 20 years and in that time we have cultivated a hard earned reputation of superior quality of image that we strive to maintain every day. We work hard to research and increase our knowledge of the general 3d industry so any improvements or technological initiatives we find can …

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