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Retaining a limited core offering of services allows us to ensure we are the best at what we do.

Every member of the team is passionate about 3D and always looking for ways to better craft they commit themselves to.

Only with practice, research and commitment do you become expert at what you do.

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3D architectural visuals are the perfect, photo real way of showcasing a future project before any building work starts in real life. As well as potentially gaining your planning permissions faster, they also help solidify your vision for prospective purchasers on what life will be like living in your architectural project. From residential, commercial, retail sports stadia and high rise we are skilled in high quality 3D CGI for any architectural project.

Whether your new project is a home, office, bathroom or a simple staircase, CGI will give you the ability to view every angle. 3D and 2D floor plans can bring any architectural space to life showing the building in ways that would be impossible through traditional photography.

Photo real 3D aerial visuals or 90-degree site plan perspectives give viewers the chance to see your development in all its glory situated against the natural adjacent landscape and the ability to change angles and perspectives make these solutions very valuable selling tools.

Our service also extends to 2D vector style brochure plans, landscape visuals and highly detailed photo composites. So, if you are looking for a professional team to bring your projects to life then give us a call on 01543 274573 or email


It doesn’t matter what architectural space it is, from residential room to concert hall to hotel lobby you can guarantee that a 3D image from Red and Gray will be photo realistic and will showcase atmospheric lighting, incredible detail and accurate and intricate textures.

Our interior visuals are set apart from our competitors by the rigorous post production process that each one receives, taking normal 3D visualisation renders to incredible photo real images that easily sit seamlessly next to real world photos and don’t look out of place.

From whole room images taking in the panoramic view of the location to detailed and precise close up cameo’s of products the end result is always the same. Aspirational and engaging 3D images that enhance and support your marketing goals.

Our interior visuals can be produced from a detailed interior design that you provide or we can do this for you. The more information you give us, the more accurate and closer to your expectation the final image will be. We have invested in subscriptions to all of the major 3D model libraries online so we are very rarely unable to populate the scene with the latest appliance, décor trend or decorative or lifestyle item.

If you are seeking a dynamic and dedicated team to work on your 3D interior visualisation contact our sales team on 01543 274573 or email


Our team create wonderfully realistic and technically accurate product 3D visuals of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture and appliances, lighting goods, transport and furniture products and so many more. Every product is mapped and textured with the latest 3D materials ensuring every surface reacts and behaves as it would in the real world with accurate shine, reflection and surface texture.

Products with hidden detail can be revealed to everyone with eye-catching cut-away visuals that can even be animated showing the inner workings of even the most technical of products.

Gone are the days of long drawn out photo -shoots with the added hassle of logistics, management and 3rd party input. Now you can direct the most bespoke personalised CG image production from your office chair, combining your range of products, the most suitable CG setting and the best in décor and propping that the market offers. Your visual communication is enhanced, your time is better suited to more important matters and your marketing costs reduce considerably.

What is not to like? So, if you are looking for a professional team to bring your projects to life then give us a call on 01543 274573 or email


Visualising your project in 3D still images only really tells half the story. Bringing it to life in a movie is a whole other level. At Red and Gray we pride ourselves on the quality of our moving images placing ourselves at the leading edge of motion graphics and FX.

Our team can turn the most mundane image into a must-see visual experience using the best most up to date CGI VF on the market.

From walkthroughs of large architectural projects to vehicle and technical animations to lifestyle movies for kitchen and bedroom manufacturers we cater for all levels of 3D movie requirements.

All of our animations are delivered in 4K resolution if required and are finished and edited with atmospheric sound tracks and eye catching text effects. So, if you are looking for a professional team to bring your projects to life then give us a call on 01543 274573 or email


Very early on in the life of our business we realised that many clients were not only looking for CGI’s and 3D visuals but the actual interior design too. Sometimes the client was too busy to find a designer to look at the scheme before they needed the 3D images or there wasn’t enough time for a designer to design a scheme so they looked to us to provide an interior concept for them. We became a “one stop shop” for the CGI and the design concept for the room and now we offer that service to every client.

As part of our offering to each client, we aim to make their life as easy as possible by taking away the hassle in arranging and producing the required marketing imagery so sales can start or brochures can be printed. Being able to supply a fully detailed, modern and contemporary interior design scheme for full approval before any 3D work starts is important in developing our value offering to all our clients.

Our interior design concepts consist of a detailed 3D sketch of the camera view together with a comprehensive overview of each main furniture piece. Every fabric, paint colour and surface finish is listed and lifestyle props and décor items are shown so a full approval of the space can be achieved before any 3D work is started. With this approval, clients can rest assured that they know what to expect when the first drafts arrive.

Investing in a one stop service provider such as Red and Gray can cut costs, save time and bring forward the delivery deadlines of all your marketing imagery.

If you are seeking a dynamic and dedicated team to work on your interior designcontact our sales team on 01543 274573 or email


2D graphics and illustration is an umbrella term that covers so many different sectors and areas of graphics, however Red and Gray has fingers in many of these areas producing contemporary and exciting designs for brochures, leaflets, advertising literature and technical and explanatory illustrations.

We have produced brochures for housing developers to bathroom manufacturers, leaflets for local business and national retail companies and logo and brand design for small and medium businesses. We have a graphics team working daily on 2D freehand and vector artworks whose in-depth knowledge ensures that your 2D artwork is the best it can be.

So, if you are looking for creative professionals to bring your projects to life then give us a call on 01543 274573 or email


An efficient and valuable offer

A small studio with a quality of output rivalling many large scale agencies but without the expected large scale price tag;

A genuine intimacy of interaction that can dig into the details of your project all combine into a valuable offering.


A wealth of experience at your command

We are a team with many years under their belt producing illustrations and animations for many different sectors. Ironing out the problems along the way and arriving at today’s offering of an in-depth knowledge of our clients needs allows us to produce compelling and inspirational images whatever the brief.