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A new product CGI case study

Take a look at our new 3D product visualisation case study which has just been listed. This one is a great example of what 3D visualisations can do for product developers and manufacturers that start marketing before prototypes are ready or prototyping is too cost prohibitive.

Creating a 3D visualisation of a product installed is a very powerful tool to marketers when sales start early in the development process. It is a great way of visually describing USP’s and can provide a lead on the competition.

It was a long and arduous task to 3D model all of the large and small elements of this product – there was a lot of modelling, but the end result was very detailed and accurate to the real-life version of this product. We were very happy with the installation images of the storage shed and garage locks as close in detail like this is always tricky to avoid the plastic CGI look of lesser quality 3D images.

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It is an enjoyable process bringing a product to life in 3D and hearing the clients reaction to our images.