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Photorealistic rendering services

In some small way every project we undertake gives us the chance to evaluate what has gone before, clarify if what we are doing is good enough or confirm if our approach is correct. Every asset we have created worked for the situation it was produced for but there is no guarantee it will work for every similar situation so each one is assessed every time it used and refined if its needed to deliver the photo realism that’s required. Our 3D asset library therefore is in a constant state of evolution adapting itself to the continual requirements of 3D realism for each and every scene we create.

Take the 3D image above. This was created after the main room shot was produced as a support cameo for this furniture manufacturers brochure. The realism of the plants and their pots was given production focus for the main room shot but as they were a secondary item, small in terms of image space within the greater bound of the main image, they only had to look “so good”. Once the client wanted the close up image we had to revisit the assets and clarify if the realism contained within the textures and modelling was good enough. These objects were now promoted to a starring role within their own image so had to look as realistic as the other objects within the room, perhaps even more so being so close to camera scrutiny.

In order to make the image as realistic as possible the assets under went improvements to the modelling in parts and many textures were tweaked to inject extra notes of authenticity.

This is a good example of the extra work we have to undertake for our images and 3D assets to ensure the degree of realism is consistent whatever the focus of the image. More often than not, on one level, it is ignored by our clients because they don’t realise it is happening but on another level it is appreciated by the encouraging feedback we receive about the exceptional quality of our images. That’s a good enough reason to continue doing it for every client.

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