The perfect 3D/Photo mix

The perfect 3D/photo mix

Some types of products do not need a full 3D room set or lifestyle visualisation. They are perhaps too small to justify the expense or the product would get lost within a large visual and marketing focus would get lost. This may be what is putting off some manufacturers and designers in using 3D visuals of part of their marketing initiatives or social media campaigns.

The lighting, angle and scale of the 3D product would match seamlessly with the photo and the end result is a CGI/photo mix that features your product in a more focused overall image.

Having said that, 3D visuals could still be useful to these hesitant manufacturers. Stock photography could be used together with a 3D render and a seamless composite could be created to showcase the smaller product within a real word photographic setting with a lower cost than a full CGI.

Take a look at what this window manufacturer has done with this existing photo. Seamless integration of real world setting and new 3D models. Stock photo libraries contain thousands of images that can be used to focus in on your product – all we would do is replace the existing product within the photograph for your 3D rendered CG model.

Photo mix
Photo mix

Perfect for showcasing smaller products/designs, cheaper than a full CGI and easy to update or revise.

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