Bathroom MIrror Interior

Do something different with 3D CGI

Look through any trade brochure and 9 times out of 10 the products are showcased in dull, uninspiring room sets using the out of date method of bland, plain décor and ordinary, nondescript architecture.

We are convinced of the mentality of managing director groupthink of “..well our competitors are doing it so why would we do anything different?” and being reluctant to look in a different direction.

Photo-realistic product images and computer generated lifestyle settings have been around for long enough now for you to realise that this habit is stale and old fashioned. You no longer have to settle for “boring” or “the same”.

Expand your thinking, create a story around your product and become a manufacturer that does things differently – like this client of ours. Eye-catching and unusual décor and architecture combined with a great product makes these 3D CGI’s unforgettable.

It’s up to you?

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