3D Visualisation

Change interior décor style repeatedly with CGI

Many of our clients have started to realise the many benefits of 3D room sets and CGI and have reused sets for different products and applications. This is one of many examples here. The same set re-dressed to use again for another product many times over.

CGI gives you flexibility and options that you just don’t have when you use traditional photography for your product images.

Ask yourself – if your business uses traditional photography, how long would it take to get these images, how many staff members would it take to manage the shoot, would you need a studio or location setting, how many contractors would it need and how much would it cost?

Then ask yourselfonce that had been done what would happen when you release a new product that needs a similar style image?

interior décor

interior décor

CGI cuts costs, saves time and is fantastically flexible.

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