We were very pleased and excited to have won the contract to help and advise Steinhoff Group (Bensons for Beds) in their crossover to digital marketing images. We were successful after a pitch process took place at the head office, and we were chosen as the primary supplier to spearhead their move into CGI


Production started straight away with beds, headboards, ottomans, furniture, mattresses and fabrics being requested daily. We were involved in lifestyle production as well as the e-commerce images for the website. We invested in software tools to help us and in staff to service the account.

The early stages of the project saw us advising on room set design and propping for the lifestyle sets and formulating information request sheets for the Group to use with all their suppliers to ensure we got the information we needed. We were also involved in colour calibration of the companies computers to ensure approval of drafts was not held up because of improper colour reproduction hampering approvals.


After those initial months, the company got onto its stride and we had to cope with the production of thousands of images per year sometimes landing in our lap in large groups or being staggered over months of production. We became involved in reworking the sets we produced into images purely for social media which gradually evolved into animation which was purposed for TV adverts. We produced dozens of these short animations during the time we serviced this account.

Realism and efficiency of our work/low was a paramount focus for us so the work we produced was always up to the quality benchmark we had set when we won the pitch. It was not easy to adapt our working methods to cope with such a large demand and the resulting tight deadlines, but we coped and got through the busy times.

Before long our work was noticed by the sister company within Steinhoff, Harvey’s Furniture, and it was decided we would produce images of sofas, dining sets and other furniture items for that brand as well. We were well-prepared by that time and didn’t struggle in educating and guiding the in house teams there in the information we needed and the order it should be delivered


As a result of working with these two large enterprises, we invested in our software and hardware infrastructure to be able to cope with their demands and the lessons we learned to have bled into our dealings with other clients, both large and small making us better suited to serve and deliver the quality we promise. The project management tool we put in place is now used for all our clients and our communication is better for it.

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