3D animation

3D animation and special FX

We are a 3D animation company that create 3D animations and videos that stay with your website visitors long after they have left or generate much more interest in your exhibition visitors than your competition.

3D animations are cheaper than you would expect and can be tailored to create any mood or reaction you need from your customers.



Motion enhancement of CGI

Visualising your project in 3D still images only really tells half the story. Bringing it to life in a movie is a whole other level. At Red and Gray we pride ourselves on the quality of our 3D animation service by placing ourselves at the leading edge of motion graphics and FX.

Our team can turn the most mundane image into a must-see visual experience using the best most up to date CGI FX on the market.

From walkthroughs of large architectural projects to vehicle and technical animations to lifestyle movies for kitchen and bedroom manufacturers we cater for all levels of 3D movie requirements. Moving images and animations create so much

more interest over still images. They hold the viewers attention for longer and placed on websites can impact the footfall to your site very favourably. As well as enhancing the sales message for you product/scheme, a well directed 3D animation can explain the USP’s more eloquently by revealing hidden detail or exploring aspects not normally covered by traditional means.

All of the projects in our 3D animation service are delivered in 4K resolution if required and are finished and edited with atmospheric sound tracks and eye catching text effects. So, if you are looking for a professional team to bring your projects to life then give us a call on 01543 274573 or email sales@redandgray.co.uk


Powerful 3D animation service