Posted: September 11, 2019
Category: Other

This was a rewarding project to work on with this design agency. We were asked to produce a 3D setting that could work for 3 different scenarios for each product being advertised. We were given full design flexibility and we came up with this luxury kitchen /family /dining room. The decor and colour scheme was chosen to compliment the products overall design and colour scheme and a different view point was developed for each package.

The main hero image required the inclusion of a dog and after deciding that developing a 3D dog was not cost effective or guaranteed to achieve the requisite realism we opted to use stock photography that we composited successfully into the rendered scene.

We created this set of images to support the marketing campaign for a range of products featuring new packaging designs. An extensive room setting was conceived and designed to isolate 3 separate settings for each product so new viewpoints could be The hero image

features a photographic dog after 3D versions were tried and discarded for realism issues.