Posted: September 11, 2019
Category: Architecture

We were approached by this global company to develop a series of images for their window division to show new window designs in aspirational settings, both internal and external viewpoints. All of the window profiles, hinges and fittings were built from the company’s drawings, and we were left to produce settings we felt matched the design direction points set by the client.

In launching a new range of windows this client wanted a series of different installation scenarios to market them with. They had struggled in the past in getting the right kind of installation location or getting approval to photograph a location they did approve of so their natural inclination was to explore the value of 3D scenes.

The CGI route would free them up to create the perfect setting for each marketplace and make colour and design adjustments as necessary – something impossible with a traditional photograph.

We came up with a series of impressive settings showcasing the windows from both interior and exterior view points in installations from classical style to contemporary and modern or refurbishments.

The lifetime of these images compared to photography is massively extended with the option of improving or changing the windows in these scenes with little cost meaning the images can be reused with new colours or totally different products or variations time and again.