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Klever Bedrooms

Posted: September 11, 2019
Category: Bedroom

This relatively new furniture manufacturer has used our service many times for marketing images and product e-commerce shots. We are asked to design different room sets with a choice of furniture to demonstrate as much of the range as possible while retaining the realism of the room layout. Each room set is supported with a selection of cameo shots of different pieces so the look and feel of the product design and the material they are constructed in can be appreciated from the brochure or the website.

This client allows us free reign with the assets we produce. We design and decorate each setting knowing the furniture range that will be featured so the resulting images are harmonious and pleasing. When the main hero image is approved we pick a series of supporting cameo images as well as various catalogue e-comm images to finish the package of imagery we are asked to provide for each furniture range.