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bedding manufacturer brochure design

Dunlopillo, part of the Steinhoff Group, commissioned us recently to produce a series of images featuring their new range of bed products and headboards. Unusually for a company like Dunlopillo their approach to the brief for this project was a little exceptional and shunning the normal bedroom setting approach of many of their contemporaries, asked for a series of disused factory and industrial settings for this product rendering project.

Showing normal everyday objects like these new beds out of context like this was exciting for us and we were able to let our creative juices flow. Spending a little time with the lighting and extra details here and there made the image atmospheric and inviting despite the unusual settings and the final images were very well received by the company.

3D artist Leigh Croxton explains “we don’t get chances to render scenes like these very often and developing exciting settings like these for a major high street brand really was good fun”


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