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Don’t Get Left Behind

Common use CGI for marketing is around 20 years old and if you aren’t using this technology to help sell your products, developments or new designs then you really are being left behind. It is a fast growing industry and as technology gets better the features and benefits list for businesses like yours in using. computer generated illustrations keeps getting longer.

Red and Gray are able to educate prospective clients nervous about dipping their toes into the lake of CGI technology, helping them with their queries, explaining the many benefits and guiding them on the process from start to finish. If you are one of those businesses who’ve recognised the importance of this technology or are hearing so much about it and are curious as to what all the fuss is about then please read on. What follows is a very brief introduction to what you can expect from CG technology and how it could help your marketing efforts.

The right location may be a country house, modern town house or a penthouse apartment in the centre of a cosmopolitan city. Photographing a product at these or any location is time consuming and expensive. CGI give you infinite possibilities in location or setting. What you can imagine can be reality. Red and Gray can design, decorate and create the perfect setting for your product without you leaving your desk. All of your products in perfect settings with no logistics costs or time out the office.

Your marketing requirements are critical and time is of utmost importance in your business realising its selling targets so having to wait for your marketing images is not in the best interests of your business. CG illustrations offer an immediate benefit here where photo real images of your product, packaging, installation etc can be produced as soon as your idea is formed. No waiting for prototypes, no construction or building to finish before suitable imagery can be produced and no set design or installation taking up valuable time before you are able to start on your marketing initiatives. If you have a drawing, an idea or a concept then all of your selling images can be produced immediately bringing forward brochure releases, website launches or social media drives much earlier than using traditional methods.

You may have explored the cost of CGI over traditional photography and considered the costs similar or even slightly more expensive. But have you taken everything into account? Have you included all the costs of a traditional photo shoot compared with a 3D version? We have focused more on this question with a separate blog post. See the blog for more information.
If you take into account every cost and include staff time away from desks, logistics and 3rd party suppliers then you may find CGI works out much, much cheaper overall.
Added to that is amendment and rework costs. Once a traditional photo shoot is finished you are left with the photos – nothing more. You cannot reuse them for other purposes and you cannot rethink and change them. With CGI you can update sets for new trends, you can rework CGI for product updates and you can revisit them for different products – all at a fraction of the cost.
Don’t take our word for it though – chat to us about your requirements and you may be surprised at what you can do for the same budget you are used to.

Changes, amendments, new ideas, feedback from market research, new trends – they all impact marketing imagery and cause delays and confusion. Using traditional photography these situations can rapidly escalate into serious situations causing reshoots, expensive post production costs or complete scrapping of the imagery. You may or may not have experienced this but you will have certainly heard about it in some industry sectors – it happens.
With a CGI photo shoot you can rest easy, comfortable that any issue that comes along is easily fixed with little to no involvement to you. Trend updates, mistakes or product revisions can be incorporated into your CGI s and passed back to you in 24hrs if needed. How’s that for flexibility!