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Socio Design

Socio Design are a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in South London. They create brand identities and digital experiences for a broad range of clients.

Socio Design were referred to us from another client. The referring client was very pleased with our work and passed on our details to this agency to potentially help with a similar project. As a result we have now formed a propitious relationship with Socio helping them visualise designs for many different brands. We have recently worked on some detailed close in visuals for a Nokia mobile application report, a fitness and nutrition company and a men’s clothing subscription service. All of the projects contained very detailed images from close quarters so our attention to detail was tested very well. Paper stock for the Nokia brochure had to be visualised down to the texture of the grain of the paper and subtle indentations of the paper surface. The foil blocking on the front cover not only had to show the slight depression in the paper from the foil press but also had to successfully demonstrate the patchy reflective quality of the foil. The socks that we visualised for the exclusive men’s subscription service project had to be modelled in 3D in various different positions and we had to establish an intricate layered texture to display the fine material of the garment in the correct way. The cardboard for the packaging boxes was constructed in much the same way as the paper of the Nokia brochure but this time we had to model and position the perforated rip tab in various positions which compelled us to successfully show the cut edge of the cardboard in a realistic manner. The foil bags we modelled for the nutrition company images proved a challenge. There were different sizes to display and each one had to look realistic with authentic bulges, furrows and bends in the stiff foil material. Each bag also had to show a faithful hot weld line and rip perforations.

  • Cameo detailed top angle Neptune Product Visualisation focusing on Nokia mobile application report layout spread
  • Cameo product detailed top down angle Neptune Product Visualisation focusing on mens sock's and package details
  • Cameo product detailed front on angle Neptune Product Visualisation focusing on fitness and nutrition packaging front and back
  • Cameo product detailed front on angle Neptune Product Visualisation focusing on the fitness and nutrition range
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