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Strategic partnerships can bring together complementary strengths and deepen the impact of cross-disciplinary research and business collaboration. Red and gray is committed to forming such partnerships, for example with other related organisations, within commerce and industry. Specifically we recognise that by developing strategic partnerships, we can offer a wider and more inclusive integrated service to clients. We work with carefully selected partners within the business marketing sectors. We have both national and regional partnerships which sees marketing agencies, as one example, working alongside our own company.

Many of our clients will request a service which we may not ordinarily be able to offer, by forming a partnership with a leading marketing agency we are then able to offer a fully “integrated service”, likewise, many marketing agencies do not have a specialist in-house teams with the knowledge or resources required for 3D visualisations, animations, virtual tours and more. With over a decade of such specialist experience Red and Gray are now at the forefront of forming and nurturing these types of arrangements which ultimately provide the client with the most cost-effective solution.

It is envisaged that into the future further alliances will be developed and formed and this will strengthen our unique propositions to industry.

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