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The benefits of using 3D bedroom renders to showcase your bedroom products is high lighted below in this typical scenario facing some of our bedroom manufacture clients today.
You have a brand new extensive range of bedroom products coming to market very shortly. You need many bedroom render marketing images to populate your website pages and to feature in your new brochure. You may even have an exhibition coming up and you want all your new products to take centre stage on your stand. 
The smart choice facing the bedroom manufacturer is to instruct their favoured CGI supplier to begin the creation of the digital bedroom CGI required for the marketing needs. The first step is to design the 2 new room sets that will feature your new furniture and beds and as your business is very busy and demands a lot from you realise you do not have the time in your day to devote to this task. You know however, that your chosen CGI supplier is able to interpret your requirements easily and you relax in the knowledge that the brief and preferred room style photo’s you sent to them will be referenced in the mood boards they create for you for the initial design approval stage. You eagerly await the mood boards and when they arrive you study the detailed 3D sketch of the new room design cross referencing each piece of furniture in the detailed specification. You analyse the colour scheme and decor pieces and conclude that by and large you are happy with the design and layout although there are l or 2 little changes you would like to make. After a brief phone call to the 3D studio to discuss these changes to the bedroom renders followed by a confirmation email, you are happy that you have been given the chance to approve the room design and layout at this early stage and are comfortable knowing that production of the bedroom CGI is continuing without your further input.
You continue to reflect your good fortune in finding a 3D supplier like Red and Gray and marvel how your new products can be illustrated so effectively and realistically from just a set of 2D CAD drawings and a few photographs you took in the showroom.
You receive your draft bedroom render for initial approval in a short space of time and your products and new bedroom sets are fully illustrated for checking and approval. You compare the drafts against the mood boards and come to the conclusion that the rooms and products are working well together however seeing the combination in this way you realise that to get the most out of these images and to illustrate the products aspirationally you do require a few changes. You do not worry however, as you are fully aware of one of the most efficient features of bedroom CGI’s and relax as you take advantage of being able to change any aspect of your bedroom renders at this stage and call your supplier to discuss the minor changes to the layout of the room and colour scheme.
With that done you carry on with your day and await delivery of your final bedroom CGI’s.
Your final bedroom renders arrive sooner than you expect – how do they do it? – and you marvel at the realism of your products and the room environment they are positioned in. You struggle to understand that there is nothing physical about the bedroom renders and they exist only in a computer somewhere. You do delight however, in the large size of the finished bedroom CGI’s and the clarity and sharpness and think forward to how well the new brochure will look with these bedroom CGI’s taking centre focus.