The industry of 3D architectural illustration is now very much established and it is very unusual if an architectural project is thought about, designed or marketed without some sort of architectural CGI. The CGI is as ubiquitous today as the watercolour illustration was a decade or so ago and there is no sign of a slow down in its use. The flexibility of the medium and the realism of the portrayal of buildings and architectural spaces of every conceivable size and shape will ensure that architectural illustration will continue to grow and the corresponding growth in the VR industry means that the understandable melding of the two will result in a very powerful marketing tool in the near future.
There are many suppliers of architectural illustration up and down the country ranging from one man, recent graduate companies to large, extensively staffed international studios. Be warned however, because the studios that can supply photo realistic, accurate, appealing visualisations at a reasonable price can be very difficult to find. A supplier that offers genuine value for money while delivering superb architecture renderings that will truly sell your development projects should be a partnership to cherish.
Red and Gray offer our clients architectural CGI’s with unrivalled realism and quality produced by a team of talented 3D artists all working from a modern studio in the heart of the Midlands. Every member of the team realises the importance of the visuals to each client they are working with and a lot of time is spent refining and analysing the images that are being created to make sure they completely satisfy the brief and the strict production quality workflows the team has developed over the years.
Particular attention is paid to the lighting of each scene as the mood generated within the image invokes particular emotions within the viewer and the wrong emotion can have detrimental effects to perception and sales potential. Skilled use of image based lighting techniques and accomplished post production methods ensure that the architectural illustrations coming from the Red and Gray studio are appealing, eye-catching and photo-realistic.
As add-on services to their base offering of architectural CGI’s Red and Gray also offer many other forms of illustrations and special presentations. Buildings and site environments prepared for still images can be enhanced to form part of a multimedia animation. Camera motion animated to travel around the building and site environment and through each internal room can all be stitched together to form an appealing movie experience of the proposed development and incorporating a soundtrack and real life video of the amenities in the surrounding area would make a very persuasive sales tool for marketing suites and websites.